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Breast Implants Can Cause Rare Form of deadly Cancer

  There is a risk after breast implants people may affect with deadly cancer in rare cases.  Breast augmentation can cause a few form of cancer that may harmful and may have killed at least nine people, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said in a report.  The deadly cancer …

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Breast Augmentation Surgery Risks and Side Effects.

  Breast  surgery may have some side effects after surgery. Here are we going to discuss these risks that may be face by a patient during or after breast augmentation surgery.  You should keep in mind these side effects. Problem with breast feeding some time: Usually after surgery this problem …

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Breast Augmentation Tips to achieve great results

  When we look at the achievements of breast augmentation surgery, if we say this is totally on planning before the breast augmentation surgery or care during and after surgery it is not wrong.  Because of better planning you will definitely got better results.   Prepare yourself mentally: If you …

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