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Breast Augmentation Surgery Risks and Side Effects.


Breast  surgery may have some side effects after surgery. Here are we going to discuss these risks that may be face by a patient during or after breast augmentation surgery.  You should keep in mind these side effects.

Problem with breast feeding some time:

Usually after surgery this problem not occur but in few cases breast surgery can interfere and may create problem with breast feeding.

Surgical problems:

Because of any surgical mistake any problem may be appear during or after breast augmentation surgery.

Most comm. surgical problems are below.


  1. Complications of anesthesia during surgery.
  2. Problem of bleeding during surgery.
  3. Blood clots
  4. Death due to breast  surgery.
  5. Healing problems after surgery.
  6. Problem in breathing after surgery.
  7. Infection of any kind may appear after surgery.
  8. Problems of injury during surgery.
  9. Negative results after breast  surgery.
  10. Swelling after surgery.


Breast pain after surgery:

In few cases pain of breast after breast augmentation surgery apears.  So there is a risk of breast pain after surgery especially in women.

Necrosis or skin death:

Necrosis which also called skin death is a big risk of surgery.  In few cases this problem may appear.  Keep in mind this risk.

Memory loss:

Loss of memory is not comm. in breast augmentation surgery.  But in some cases it may affect memory of patient.

Hardened of breast:

After breast augmentation breast may hard.

Need for additional surgery to solve other problems:

After breast augmentation surgery additional problems appears to remove these problems there may be need additional surgery.


Dissatisfaction with result after breast augmentation surgery how the breast looks results may be different as per your hope.


Breast  surgery demands extra care during and after surgery.  By taking treatment from and expert surgeon these risks reduce.  Problems of after surgery may reduce by taking care and follow the advices of your surgeon.

So keep in mind these risks and try to reduce them.


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