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Fastest Train in the World


With the passage of time, human has made wonderful inventions in different fields of life. So same is the case with the trains espacially when we look at Fastest Train in the World, First ever built trains were very slow and work with steam power to cover large distances. Then as the civilization progressed human inventions also progressed according to social or military needs. Japan and Germany were the pioneers in this technology, and now many countries of the world had this technology working and serving their people.

As of now, fastest train in the world is Shanghai Maglev Train which is owned by China,  its transit kind is Magnetic levitation. It has one line and 2 stations covered. It began its operations in the year 2004, commercially. It is operated by Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co., Ltd. Its system length is 30.5 kilometeres which is approximately 18.95 miles technically. Literally meaning of Shanghai Maglev is Shanghai Maglev demonstration operation line. Its transcriptions are standard Mandarin. It is also called as Shanghai Transrapid. This line is 3rd commercially operated magnetic levitation line to be commenced in the history of trains. This trains line was built to connect Shnaghai Pudong International Airport with the outskirts of central Pudong from where travelers could reach easily to Shanghai metro to continue their visit to reac the centre of the city. There were $1.2 billion were consumed to built this line and all set up of this system. Balance of payments of this line has remained in enormous loss since it started working. From 2004 to 2006 company beared losses of 1 billion RBM. This line is not a part of Shanghai metro network which has its own services to reach Shanghai Pudong Airport and to central Shanghai from Longyang road station. Its CRH 380A which runs between the cities of Beijing and Shangai. Fastest train in the world was feigned by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling stock. AGV Italo which is said to be the most highly modern train in Europe is, contains a maximum operational speed of 360 kmph as of 29th August 2013. It is first commercial Maglev line to be operated in the world which is situated in China. And is the best available method of travelling in Shnaghai on Fastest train in the world. It covers a distance of 30 kilo meteres which is exactly 19 miles in 8 miutes short duration of time. The line covers Longyang road station which is situated in Pudong to Pudong International Airport. The specificility of this train Fastest train in the world we say about  is that it can reach to a speed of 350 kilometere per hour which is 217 metere per hour  in only just 2 minutes, and it has maximum routine speed at which it usually runs is 431 kilo metre per hour which is 268 metre per hour which it maintains to cover all of its distances defined.

Vice president of famous comapnay, Mr, Hans-Dieter Bott, that won the contact to construct this worlds fastest Train line and rail link said in his statement,

“Transrapid views the Shangai line, where the ride will last just eight minutes, largely as a sales tool. This serves as a demonstration for China to show that this works and can be used for longer distances, such as Shanghai to Beijing. This line was in the first time built in 1st March 2001, and its first ever public commercial services began in 1st of January 2004. Chinese enjoy this service a lot. It helps in saving their precious time and travel duration to a greater extent.


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