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Looking for Small Luxury Hotels in the World


A small luxury hotel, as its name suggests, in hospitality industry, is a small hotel, full of luxurious accommodation which a guest can experience here. However there are not set standards such as stars assignment, but usually and more often four and five star hotels are considered to be found in the category of small luxury hotels. Any small luxury hotel has the following peculiar characteristics to be suitable to be called a luxury hotel which are described as under,

A small luxury hotel ensures the easy and simplified facilitation of booking process.

Easy, prompt and prudent checkout and checkin facility

The room is adapted according to the psychology of the guest etc.

Small luxury hotels are also called as boutique hotels which can comprise of 10 to 100 rooms in accordance with upscale accommodations. The term of boutique hotel was first used in USA and United Kingdom. This term was defined by Steve Rubell in 1984. In 1980 these kinds of hotels began to emerge in San Francisco, New York and London. These hotels are more often than not are full of themes, are stylish and inspirational. This industry became so popular that some more famous multinational hospitality industry people came to this industry due to its success. New York City located in United States became main centre of boutique or small luxury hotels. Some people from this industry are following a suit of “no-Frill chic” policy consumer trend, that offers affordable and budgeted hotels industry almost all over the world. These hotels are located in Los Angeles, Miami, and London, New York city. They are filled with such recreational activities as yoga, spas, electronics, and some painting classes.

From the start of 21st century, the lodging industry hotel industry has witnessed new brands in its industry. These branding hospitality industrialists found a good customer base in North America and to some extent around the world also. Though boutiques or small luxury hotels are a luxury place of accommodation for travelers. Now a day’s travelers expect more than simply comfort or convenience. They want to get surprised by this boutique industry. Travelers expect unique looks and facilities in such hotels. These hotels are becoming popular and fashion of the day. Kimpton group is the leader in the world of boutique or small luxury hotels with 34 boutique hotels owned. These hotels commonly has these features which fulfill the characteristics of boutique or small luxury hotels which are given as under

Design styling and architectural structure.

Familiarity, tenderness, and uniqueness are the key features of all such hotels. These hotels are designed in such a manner that which not only attracts customers but also fulfills their unique needs. These boutiques set different themes for each room of their hotels and thus offer a different and unique experience to their unique customers; even it offers different themes to its repeating customers. For example there are differently themed rooms for the guest of romance, dance or music and yoga etc. some old hotel honors are invigorating their hotels to boutique hotels.


As the small luxury hotels size does not exceeds 150 rooms, so size is this. Its service is such that as opposed to conventional hotels, in boutique hotels, customers feel a free interaction with hotel staff also. This thing distinguishes this from conventional hotels. Unique services are provided to customers that is the uniqueness of boutique hotels, that’s why its size kept small.  Some special services also include music, art, lighting, colors, design and architecture.

Target customers

Small luxury hotels or boutique hotels prefer customers between the ages of 20 and mid 50 who have mid to upper income ranges. To provide them better targeted services.

Smart boutique or small luxury hotels will continue to adapt to specialized customer services to be competitive in the progressing small luxury hotels market.

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